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The global economy is under a profound transformation, offering unprecedented opportunities to ride on disruptive technologies, and to join powerful emerging forces to move ahead of the competitions. As the basis of competition is changing through, it is not always clear as how a company may move forward, and what is the best path to success. Executives must reach out in earnest to build a strong global business network that would allow them to tap into reliable information sources, and take on unexpected opportunities.

To help clients achieve this goal, has compiled a database of more than 5 million premium companies, located in 186 country or regions, covering over 4,600 different industry categories. Each record includes a company's contact information, industry classifications, annual sales, number of employees, and trade description, so you can target a well defined clientele with precision.

We have further developed an e-platform for member companies to publish business information, monitor market responses, share notes, trade and collaborate. These services are easy to use and free, and can prepare you to spot and exploit market changes like never before. To join us now, please click Here, or send us a quick email at

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