1) Try Before You Buy

We offer each first-time buyer up to 20%, but no more than 150 business leads, targeting a specific industry in a specific country for free. After a satisfactory free trial, you may then place your order for the remaining 80% plus business leads at a highly competitive price, capped at 830 USD.

2) When the Turnout of Business Leads Is Low

Some economies are small, and an industry could be highly concentrated. When the turnout of business leads is low for a specific query, we would expand your search to include nearby countries, and present you with the aggregated result as a single order fulfillment at no additional cost to you.

3) Global Agent Service

There are cases where only a few companies in the world are capable of producing a specific product. When that happens, we might offer you our global agent service, based on your specs, that would charge you nothing until we successfully meet your requirements.

4) Member's Privilege of Free Email Marketing Service

Any registered member company has the privilege to enjoy free and unlimited email marketing services, targeting various industry sectors if it can meet the content quality standards, including: a) be of professional quality; b) offers value to the targeting market; c) finds no complain against it for spamming or misleading.

5) What Else May A Member Company Enjoy?

Another big benefit a member company may enjoy is the Inbound Marketing service that would allow you to define your products and services in great details. With an in-depth self-description, people may not contact you until they read about your product and service and like them, and allow you focus on those inquirers that self-qualified themselves.

6) Why Couldn't I Find My Item In NAICS?

Two possible causes for this unpleasant experience: 1) the products and services classification system you are used to is different from NAICS; 2) the product or service you search for is relatively new, and has many attributes. Please don't hesitate to contact us when you have difficulties. We will always be happy to help out.

7) Have more questions?

Please email us at info@asiaPacificMarket.com