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Inbound Marketing


Inbound Marketing is marketing focused on getting found by customers. Instead of driving your message into a crowd over and over again like a sledgehammer, Inbound Marketing attracts customers to your business like a magnet. It allows you only approach people who self-qualify themselves. Once you invest the time in the quality of your content, it will stay there serving your goals throughout a product's life cycle, enable you to compete with the biggest advertising budgets. Effective Inbound Marketing campaigns at shall have three key components:

  • UNSPSC Code
    UNSPSC (United Nations Standard Products and Services Code) is a global standard for products and services classification, a critical component for efficient and accurate global e-commerce.

  • Keyword List
    Keyword List that closely defines a product or service makes it easier for potential customers to find you through a database search. What terms or phrases would your customers use to describe your product or service? List any keywords they might search for your product or service, and then expand the list to include relevant variations including alternate spellings (e.g. light, lite), plurals, and synonyms.

    Then, refine or 'scrub' keywords that may be too broad or irrelevant. For example, using the generic keyword bags to promote luggage goods could turn up customers who are only interested in unrelated items like tea bags and vacuum bags. To make your keywords more specific, you may want to use more relevant and descriptive keywords like luggage, luggage bags, or travel bags.

  • Company Profile, Product/Service Descriptions
    The first 200 characters of the text are particularly important, because those are the lines that will show up in the search result page. Your whole story will not be read unless your potential customer clicks on the "Read More" hypelink. And then, with the remaining of your story, you need to convence and inspire them to action.

Inbound marketing makes sense especially in a recession because it's highly cost effective. To start your Inbound Marketing experience today, please click Here.

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