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Disruptive technologies and emerging markets have converged to spur a profound transformation of the global economy that offers unprecedented opportunities to move ahead of the competitions.

"Industry 4.0" or "Industrial Internet" combines digital innovation with industrial technologies to turn a great number of jobs into services that can be delivered over the phone or the Internet in a timely fashion. The efficiency gain from such automated and remote-controlled processes can really change every single sector of the economy that can now take inputs and use technology to drive much of what it did by hands before.

Equally important are emerging markets that have 2 to 3 billion consumers moving into the middle class, creating a huge demand on natural resources as well as consumer products and services. The number of large companies from the emerging world will rise too. Such up-and-coming companies could disrupt entire industries by designing superior products at lower cost, by bringing them to market faster, and by streamlining business processes from the bottom up. Many of these businesses have already set their sights on expanding into international markets.

How to turn these powerful external forces from threats into opportunities will largely depend on how well a company adopts new technologies and embraces emerging market forces. To help clients take advantage of the changing business landscape, offers Business Leads of more than 5 million premium companies covering over 4,600 industry categories around the world, in addition to practical China Business Consulting Services, customized IT Services, and a powerful E-business Platform.

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