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Data is fast becoming the world's newest resource for competitive edge. As organizations increasingly embark on this journey, they would likely get a higher return on investments by focusing on harvesting the low-hanging fruits in an agile fashion:

  • Better utilize the data they have or could have without extra costs, emphasizing on improving the quality of their core dataset;
  • Instead of racing to the bleeding edges of evolving technologies, enterprises should closely monitor online the movement of industry leaders, follow up on what they have done right while avoid what they have done wrong.

To help clients achieve the above goals, we offer:

(A) Relational Data

  • clean, repair, and reconstruct damaged and incomplete datasets;
  • discover, build, and model relations among various types;
  • optimized database structure and configuration, improve operational efficiency, security, and stability;
  • design and develop automated process procedures;
  • design and develop visual interface for operational management.

(B) Non-Relational Data

  • strategic business positioning;
  • formulate big data strategy and implementation road map;
  • build efficient, cost-effective, secure, and scalable (global) big data infrastructure and platform (combining private cloud, public cloud, online and offline capabilities);
  • determine the most suitable big data software and tool package;
  • design, develop and maintain various process procedures;
  • assist in technical recruitments;
  • assist in partnership development with top IT companies.

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