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Cooperate in General Aviation

Cooperate in China's Booming General Aviation Market

China is to open up its low altitude airspace across the country this year to unleash a vastly untapped general aviation market, valued at trillions of Chinese Yuan. Unlike in the West where general aviation is mostly related to the ultra rich for private use, custom-designed aircraft, with Helicopters in particular, could be the best cost effective transportation vehicles in many areas in China because two-thirds of the country is covered by hard-to-reach mountains and high plateaus.

The global aviation industry is at a crossroads. With existing technologies today, airplanes could achieve 60 to 70% improvement in fuel efficiency, a 71-decibel decrease in noise emissions and a four-fifths fall in nitrogen oxide pollutants. While the announced timeline for next-generation aircraft to enter into service in the United States and the Europe is between 2030 and 2035, China cannot wait for that long.

With a huge manufacturing capability and a range of breakthrough technologies from CAD to 3D Printing, new composite materials, and air-based flight management system, etc., the country is poised to bring to market new aircraft with shorter product development life cycles and at lower costs. Its extreme landforms and various user cases only ensure that what works in China could also be applied elsewhere, making it a perfect place to try new designs and new ways of doing things.

For all those who are interested in this dynamic and truly global industry, we invite you to join us in establishing a China-focused online GA marketplace to facilitate trade and collaboration, and to help speed up the arrival of next-generation aircraft that are greener, smarter, more affordable, and easier to use and maintain.

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