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Cheap, better, faster, the cloud is everywhere. As the technology evolves rapidly though, it is not always clear as how it could be best utilized to address a specific need. We have been engaged in product development efforts with top IT engineers at both AWS and Google Cloud. The insights we have gained into what works, what doesn't, and the strengths and the weaknesses of each service provider can give you an edge.

We offer:

  • formulate cloud strategy;
  • setup computing environment in cloud quickly;
  • custom install and configure software stack and tool set;
  • setup and fine-tune database server, web server, email server, etc;
  • develop applications for business automations on a regular basis or as needed;

We have worked at top IT consulting firms and major banks. Our expertise in working with major corporations as well as SMEs either on-premise or in-the-cloud, in addition to our competitive pricing, makes us the clear choice to support your cloud initiative.

For a quick job estimate, please email us at:

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