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We are the author of a number of feasibility studies for the Shanghai Foreign Investment Commission, including a $14 million joint-venture project with American Standard and a $18 million joint-venture project with Scott Paper. As Commented by Dr. Jeffrey E. Garten, the Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade of the Clinton Administration: "I am confident your center can become an invaluable resource for American firms looking to penetrate the China market."

We distinguish ourselves from others in four important ways:

  • Offer Innovative Solutions Based on Profound Local Knowledge
    Many of the world's smartest companies, such as Google, Yahoo, and eBay, failed in China because they didn't have a viable approach there. Our consultants are China-born and bred, western educated, with many years management experience at top multi-national companies. We trully understand why many of the issues occurred at western firms in China, and how to fix them.

  • Help Client Build Capabilities
    This is a better long-term strategy for both the client and the service provider because our primary goal is to build a strong business community with an emphasis on China, not billable hours.

  • Keep Things Simple
    When there is a choice between a 3-page solution and a 10-page solution, we will choose the 3-page solution 100% of the time.

  • Constantly Verify Assumptions
    Breakthrough strategy has to be based on facts and assumptions. We will constantly verify our assumptions because their continued viability is a key determinant of success or failure in a rapidly changing marketplace.

We offer unparalleled quality services at competitive prices. For a free job estimate, please contact us at

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